Necessary for some, good for all!

'Necessary for some, good for all'

I fully agree with this statement.  In my role as a teacher librarian and ETL (educational technology leader) I am often introduced to programs/software that is suggested for one specific group, but I can totally see that program being used with a variety of students.  I’m very fortunate that I see most of the classes at my school weekly, so I can introduce all these great new programs to them.  I also feel that if all the students are using/benefitting from technology, then those students with special needs, may not feel so singled out.  This is key in the intermediate grades.  Kids at that age are already feeling self-conscious and adding programs, books, activities, etc… that are completely different for them just emphasizes this fact.  As teachers and grown-ups, we know that we are programming at that student’s level and for them to be successful, but adolescents really struggle to see it from that perspective.  I have worked with so many intermediate students that just shut down as soon as they see that their assignment is different from others.  They won’t do anything.  By introducing technology that can benefit these students, to the whole class, has reduced this anxiety in the students and I’m finding that they are more receptive to completing their assignments.


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