Reflection For LE2- Halfway Mark

1. Describe one significant idea or issue that has arisen for you as you were engaging in

the topics during the Learning Experience:

I did not realize how easy was to create an engaging blog experience for my students. This is a powerful tool for communication with parents and caregivers. I truly believe in constant communication with families, but I still have the question about maintenance. I will need to explore this blog sites further over the year before fully integrating it into my program.  I am thinking about creating my own blog for my classroom next year that can be tweaked yearly to match my student’s needs.




2. Elaborate on how specific resources, ideas or experiences in the learning experience

have contributed to your learning. e.g. reading material, course activities etc:



Even I have been using Google Docs for many years, and consider myself fairly proficient and able to navigate to it fairly well, I found the word processing tutorials as well as the many apps that are now available very engaging and I have spent a fair amount of time learning and exploring Google Drive and the newly available Grammarly.

 I am a visual learner and the tutorial videos were very helpful. My board is leaning towards using Google Drive and learning how to import Word files and convert them to Google Docs and templates was very useful. This resource will be valuable when working collaboratively with my colleagues.  I was also pleased to learn about all the free online web sites available for the creation of flyers, newsletters and websites. Google classroom is another application I hope to integrate into my teaching this year.






3. Share how your participation in the discussion forum has contributed to your learning

and connect that to your understanding of the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession.


Knowing that others face the same challenges that I do helps me to feel a sense of confidence.  As a classroom teacher I like the opportunity to hear others opinions who are also in classroom daily. Everyone is sincere and it obvious has a true sense of commitment to their students and to their practice.  It’s clear that the people in this course have taken it out of interest and a desire to increase their professional knowledge and their learning so as to improve their practice.  They haven’t taken it just because they need to upgrade their qualifications.






4. Discuss any outstanding questions and the steps you may take to further explore your

interests as part of your learning in the course:

The information I’ve gathered and the resources that have been made available I’ve made are invaluable.  Although I am a regular class teacher, I think that the concepts regarding the use of technology in the class that I’ve learned will be instrumental in continuing to develop my skills in collaboration and communication.  The most pressing question for me is why is there not more of a support system in schools and boards for those new to technology tools in a teaching role?  Even though I will have soon finished my IICT Part 2, I still feel that I would want guidance – a mentorship program specifically for classroom teachers would be ideal.  It’s a tough role to be the technology lead in the class and is one that requires a lot of responsibility and I feel there should be more supports in place such as PD sessions regularly.





Additional Comments:


I’ve enjoyed the emphasis on discussion and dialogue in this course.  I think it’s allowed people to speak their minds more freely rather than just reiterating what they think the instructor wants to hear.  The ETFO online course forum has provided a respectful environment for teachers and educators to conference and collaborate their thoughts and questions about daily life in an elementary classroom in Ontario. I very much appreciate the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge while collaborating with like-minded teachers!





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