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Additional Qualification Courses

ETFO-AQ Onsite Courses

ETFO-AQ Online Courses

Kindergarten Part 2 Textbook--"Thinking it Through"
Price (CAD): $90.00

Thinking it Through is the required textbook for Kindergarten Part 2. It is highly recommended for Kindergarten part 1.

This resource is a 'must have' book for all kindergarten teachers.

You may order the textbook when you register for your course or you can visit the website below for the linked order form and fax in your order to shop ETFO.

It takes at least 10 days to deliver the resource so order it early. Visit the link below for an order form:

Teaching Combined Grades Text--"Learning Together"
Price (CAD): $38.98

For the course Teaching Combined Grades you are required to purchase the Resource, "Learning Together-Teaching Combined Grades". Visit the link below for an order form: